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Cambria County Legal Journal

The Cambria County Legal Journal is a weekly publication printed 52 weeks a year and owned by the Cambria County Bar Association.

For information on rates, subscription, legal notices, print advertising and other general information, please contact Robin Hagins at 814-255-3221.

Subscription Cost - $150 per annum and paid in advance.

Estate Notices 3 x - $68.00 (prepayment required)

Notices of Incorporation - $80.00 (prepayment required)

Fictitious Name Notices - $80.00 (prepayment required)

Change of Name Notices 1 x - $115.00 (prepayment required) 

Trust Notices 3 x - $125.00 (prepayment required)

All other notices are billed per printed line based on the number of times requested to print.

Deadline is Tuesday at 4PM for Thursday publication.

If your notice does NOT require prepayment you may fax your request to 814-535-1868. Please note this is the LEGAL JOURNAL FAX ONLY. Not the general fax for the Cambria County Bar Association

Returned check fee - $30.00 plus bank fees